NEWS: I have defended my PhD on the 10th of September 2020 (Finally! It was originally meant to happen the 31st of March 2020). I have had the honor of been reviewed by Pr. Patrick Pérez and Pr. Josef Sivic and examined by Pr. Cordelia Schmid, Dr. Hervé Jégou, Dr. Diane Larlus, Dr. Elisa Fromont and Dr. Ondřej Chum (as invited member).

I have performed my PhD at Inria Rennes--Bretagne Atlantique under the supervision of Yannis Avrithis and Guillaume Gravier. I was part of the Linkmedia team which seeks to develop methodological, technological and scientific foundations to create, describe and exploit explicit links within multimedia collections on a large scale.

My research focuses on computer vision. I study methods to compute robust visual representations whilst having the aim of using less supervision and exploiting more available data. In particular I have worked on classification, detection and retrieval tasks. I am interested in image representation, multimodal learning and machine learning in general.

During my PhD, I have performed two internships at Twitter and Google and visited the Visual Recognition Group (CVUT). Those experiences gave me the opportunity to perform research in an industrial setup and to learn new team work energies.

I received my engineering diploma from Enseirb-Matmeca in 2015 and a MS degree in Statistics from Paul Sabatier University in 2016. I was lucky to discover several research fields in mathematics through internships during my studies; I worked on algebra and automatic differentiation with Prof. Griewank in Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), on statistical analysis with Dr. Selvarajoo in the Institute for Advanced Biosciences Keio (Tsuruoka, Japan) and on object recognition algorithms with Dr. Herbin at Onera (Paris, France).